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posted : Monday, February 27, 2012
title : Back to Blogger!
Hahaha decided I'd want some platform for me to at least, blog stuff ynno. Instead of reblogging pictures on tumblr. Tumblr is awsm but it just doesn't allow me to blog as freely as I want to. So I guess here I am! Back at blogspot haha :)

Doubt anyone will actually read this but that's just even better yeah? Hahaha sometimes I get too lazy at night to write in my diary (yes, I do have a handwritten diary ahaha.) so yup, here's where I'm gna rant/reflect/or just wallow in self-despair HAHA.

I actually miss the times when all I do at home is edit blogcodes/design blogskins haha. Oh well #nolifeofapschkid HAHA. Yeah srsly all I do those days is.. play neopets or fiddle around w blogskins HAHA.

Anyway I gave school a miss today and I'm gna have to study for bio allll night before the stupid test tomorrow. Funny how all the 4- classes getting all stressed up and chionging before every single Bio test, just cause each Bio test is so freaking content-heavy and it stresses us out to no end le sigh.

Okay, gonna continue w Bio now. What's new?


posted : Sunday, July 25, 2010
title : TUMBLR!

(You can check back here if you want. Maybe, just maybe, I'll come back some day.)

posted : Tuesday, June 29, 2010
title : Procrastination~
I think my body clock is getting screwed.
Slept at 10 last night, & forgot to set my alarm, in the end I overslept waking up at 720.
Then I chionged, but reached school late.
But the point is, I was still feeling tired. Maybe its my headache Idk why too. :(

But its currently 9.18pm & I'm tired already.
Finished all the Math after shangyin today.
Shangyin was realllly noisy w/ all of us there haha. :)
But I like the company haha yay can't wait to go Genting during Dec! ^^

Anyway I finished Math, which is due tomorrow.
Left w/ Bio EOY paper, Chinese & History!!
Maybe I'll chiong them tomorrow, or thurs, or come to the worst, hand in on Mon which is, sad to say, overdue.


Hahaha can't help but to use Cass's phrase:
"I wonder why."

Think we'll all die this term if that continues ynno.
Its the second day back at school and I can already feel the pressure.
Chem practical tomorrow. Seriously that freaks us all out. :(
&&& Its titration. Oh well hope we all survive eh.

Oh, I can't find my test tubes anyway. I'm dead.

posted : Monday, June 28, 2010
title : Back at school~
Wowwwww its the first day of school,
and we are told of our weekly Chem tests/Practical start starting next week, all the way to week five.
This is really hardcore & I don't like this pressure ah. :(
Makes me feel so damn stressed up ah.

Oh anyway received our Maths CT & I'm happppy~ :)
& Now I have a really bad headache & I shall go bathe now and then sleeeep.
Hopefully I'll wake up early in the morning and then chiong mathhh~
Then I'll go Shangyin & mug/chiong math then go home and do my chinese!!

Okay gonna go nowwww~

posted : Sunday, June 27, 2010
title : Day one,
A letter to your best friend.

Sorry I'm gonna be breaking the rules a little. Gonna write little paragraphs for different people!
Sorry lah indecisive person here, cannot decide who to write for. :)
Oh btw this is the 30 day letter challenge from Ruo's blog.
Each day a letter will be dedicated to someone special, w/o stating his or her identity.
In no particular order of preference,

Dear best friends,
1) I kinda thought for quite some times before decided to write this to all of you. & To you, I suppose I have a great deal of reasons why I should be writing to you. I've known you for almost all of the years at Dunman. I suppose we've been close all this time & I really appreciate having you as a friend. We might not be the 'I love you my friend', or 'You're seriously my best friend forever' kinda friends at all times, but what's matters its that we know we are best friends deep down in our hearts. :) Or rather this is how its like for me, not sure about you, but I'm quite sure its about the same yeah? (IT'D BETTER MUAHAAHA) Okay sorry about that. :)

I like how I can rant to you about everything, even lame reasons that I forget by the end of the day, & how you can tolerate my nonsense and moodswings haha. I like how we can get super random and going anywhere where we felt like. :) I like how you would listen to all my crap & roll your eyes at me ^^ But I'm glad that I can talk to you w/o getting judged :) It somehow seemed like there could be never-ending topics between us haha. I like knowing that you're always there, though YOU REPLY TEXTS SUPER SLOWLY HAHAH WALAO. But I just like how we can talk forever. :) I'm sure this friendship will not just end here but will carry on for a very very very very long time. & When we grow up in the future we will be like 'Oh my god can you imagine how many years it has been?' :D Heh so thank you for always being there for me, like I swear almost every single time hahaha & how telepathic we are. (Obvious much?) Okay love youuuuu & I hope its not too mushy o_o Hahahaha kk thanks for being such an awesome best friend haha!! ♥

2) Okay I've known you almost all the years at Dh too, & I really thankful we are friends!! I love you for being yourself and how I can feel so myself around you. :) I am thankful for all the laughters we shared and all those inside jokes and stuff hahha and how we always share secrets and aiyah just everything lah hahaha. You're my bff and I hope this friendship could stay like this, or even closer, for a long long long time okay. I love you and thanks for being there all these years. I really appreciate how you've been there for me all these years and all the memories we spent, which has been really v v v long ynno. ^^ & How I can act like, myself w/ you haha. And yeah even though we might not be that that that close as we were, but I'm still v glad for all those memories. & I'm sure this friendship will go a long way okay!! Love you & we should seriously go out more often okay hahahaha love you bfffffff!! ♥ & Remember I'm always for here if you need to laugh/rant/share your secrets HAHA okay!!

3) Seriously Idk where to start. Frankly speaking I wasn't v close to you at first. (Obvious hahahahaha.) But I really want to thank you v v v much for being such an awesome friend. I think I'll never survive all those moodswings/emo stuff without you seriously!! I never met someone who can manage to cheer me up in like, an text or two haha. Seriously wna thank you like a lot a lot a lot!! I like how we have endless topics to talk about haha be it gossips or just pure rantings haha. And also how you always carry my stuff for me (HAHA okay this is super obvious.) Wtvvvv I'll roll my eyes at you anyway pfft HAHHAA. ^^ And hm ynno I like how you can always make me laugh with your stupid nonsense and how I can complain to you or bitch about people HAHA. I really don't know how life will be without such a great friend like you. Oh! & How everybody just suan you and how funny it is hahahaha!! And Idk how I'll get home when its like 11+ or past 12 HAHA. So thanks for walking me home all the time haha sometimes even at risk of getting locked out of your house haha oops. But yeah lah you're an awesome friend and thank you so much for being in my life hahah!! :) :)

4) Haha you are a stupid best friend but you're still my best friend haha!! & I think its so funny how we met after tuition during primary school times but you probably don't remember! (Walao this is no fun, all my best friends are so obvious!!) But thank you for being my best friend haha & how you can always tell that I'm lying about well.. ynno hahaha ^^ SECRET K!! HAHAHA! And also how we can just talk about everything/anything even after being in diff class for so long haha! & You're a bad shopping partner cos you're like 'I don't know ah!' but oh well it was the company that mattered, not the shopping advice anyway haha!! & Thanks for being my friend for so long haha and I wish you luck for everything you do okay! (I'm sure you know what I'm referring to heh.) AND STOP BEING SO EMO LAH HAHA AND NO THAT WILL NOT BE OUR LAST OUTING HAHAAH ^^

5) (Actually this is kinda applicable to like 2/3 people!!) Hehehehe & you you you!! :) I really enjoy talking to you, like every day on msn, or text or wtv lah haahah. Love how I can have so many random/endless topics to talk to you about! & I like how its so easy to tell you stuff hahaha all the secrets heh ^^ (This is like fb sia haha) But yeah I wna thank you for being there for me all these times and heh I know I don't really give advice but oh well sorrrry haha but I will give you a listening ear okay!! Hahahah so yeah I wna tell you no matter what happens you'll be one of my bestfriends okay :) & That I'll always be here if you wna rant okay!! Just text me & I'll be there for youuuuuu!! (L) Love youuuu, & let's go shopping/studying soon okay hahaah haven't seen you for damn long boo. Okay so yeah love you and thanks for being such an awesome friend that I can talk to foreverrrr~ :)

6) Aiyah & this is to everyone else hahahaha if you think you're my best friend, or one of my best friends, this is to youuuu!! ♥ :)

posted :
title : "I tell you one day you're gonna get depression."
Hahahaha Idk why I'm blogging about this.
But that is what Veron told me when we were mugging this morning.
Really thankful for that woman. Obviously not for that sentence lah, but for how much she understands me more than anyone does. :)
& I really like talking to Veron & Yulong haha.

But I don't like how uncertain my heart is feeling right now.
I suppose its a mixture of everything, which kinda sucks.

School is gonna start soon.
I need to finish my History. Ah fuck I'm damn screwed.

posted :
title : Overnight mugging :)
Mugged overnight w Veron & Yulong haha. :)
Overall I didn't manage to do much homework but I mugged chem haha.
&&& Caught the world cup matches haha.
Omg seriously watching at Macs is Epic eh. Everybody is like cheering haha!!
Super scary, I was just doing my notes then everybody started cheering/jeering lmao.
& We concluded most people at Macs were supporting S. Korea haha!
When they goal, everybody cheered eh haha funny. :D
& Oh well you could say they weren't happy when Uruguay scored haha.
But too bad for Veron, she went to buy food when Uruguay scored hahaha!!
But you could really feel the atmosphere there hahah quite cool eh didn't expect me to do that ^^

Got hungry a lot of times hahaha & we talked a lot.
It was quite nice lah hahahahah talked about v cheem stuff eh ^^
Then we moved to TM Macs hahha it was awesome. Super empty & shiok eh :)
Talked more hahaha and we saw a dunmanian haha cool~
Yulong talked to him haha.

& Shit lah I'm hungry so I won't be able to concentrate on work.
But I ain't tired now lehhhhh. After uh how many hours? Hahah awesome. :)
Maybe I should do this more often!!
It was like a whole 4 hours gone hahah!! But oh well at least I still did my work during the match :D

Okay I think I'd better go do something. :O
K byeeeee~ See all of you tomorrow oh no.

posted : Thursday, June 24, 2010
title : The last week when everyone turns into a mugger,
Hahaha went to the juniors' jixun today!
Then went for lunch @ KFC. (Walao all of them told ghost stories while the loser me just sat there blasting the iPod hahahah!)
Whatever shall not care hahaha Jiechong's reactions are epic though. (Y)
Hm, played bridge then went to KLP for Snow Ice + Mugging w/ Veron & Yuhua!
Mugged @ Coffee Bean haha not bad quite productive.
Minus all the talking lah haha then we all calculated our target GPA + Aims for subjs haha!!
Omg overnight mugging soon okay okay okay. :)

Heh mugging was quite productive.
Yuhua just helped me w/ my Chem. & Veron finished her maths omg stupid woman :(
Hahaha & I finished all I could on one Chem MCQ paper, & half of the other's MCQ.
++ A little bit more of notes hahahah wtv it wasn't a very a long 'studying' time ynno ^^

Hahahah so tomorrow I'm gna go to meet Mancini (& Egan?) for Chem proj! :)
Then perhaps meet Veron somewhere to mug as wellllll. ^^
Dazu on Friday! & Maybe bag-shopping w/ Yuhua! Or dinner + movie w Dloy etc?
Hahahh crap no time no time. Maybe I shall do my zuowen during dazu :)
& Then history essay on Sat/Sun? Hahahahhhaa jiayou jiayou jiayou.

(This is mad, fml.)

posted : Saturday, June 19, 2010
title : Homework on a Saturday,
Hahhaa how awesome is that.
Anyway we're now down to the last week of holidays.
Haven't done much 'cept for my differentiation assignment, plus Atmosphere notes.
Oh didn't absorb much for Atmosphere though sigh, need to read through again.
Anyway I'm rewriting my notes for Chem from last year!!
Its a mad lot of work but oh well Clar will persevere haha ^^

& On the contrary of my tweet, I'm leaving my jianbao/baozhangbaodao till night. :)
Seriously no mood for Chinese now haha. Plus my zuowen books are all in school I think.
Maybe I shall leave it till school reopening! Then I can get my book back, & uh start chionging.
Wow, how awesome is that. Already planned work for myself when school reopens. (Y)
Nice job seriously. Not to mention, the teachers probably have lots of tests in store for us. :(

I really feel the pressure already omg.
But still, can't wait till the end of EOYS!! Gonna work & go on cruise/Genting trip with friends & stuff hahaha omg fun fun fun! Cannot wait. :) :)

Oh right, its only June.
Oh well back to Chem~